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What We Do

We provide the lowest cost of financing and so much more.




Our customized approach to financing is unparalleled in the industry as we provide the lowest cost of financing along with the highest level of strategic advice.  We assist countless homeowners annually by tailoring each mortgage solution based on the client's unique set of circumstances and long-term goals.

We provide flexible cash flow, at the right increments, to build your custom home.




Construction can often take a long time; therefore, we put a strategic plan in place for the financing required at each phase of the project. This enables us to pull out capital right up until the house is completed and you are ready for takeout financing. Our goal is to ensure the maximum amount of flexibility during the build to keep you liquid, at a time when this is most vital. Once the project is finished and we obtain a new appraised value, we will ensure the construction facility is paid out and you receive a flexible, low rate mortgage on your home or building.

Purchasing or building a family cottage is closer than you think. 

Second Home


Summer time in Muskoka is invaluable when it comes to family memories. As featured in Dockside and Lakeside magazine, Donaldson Capital is known as the expert in creative financing for your family vacation home. We have access to lenders with the right cottage programs in place to make financing a cottage more accessible. Whether it is purchasing an existing property or building your dream cottage, we have helped numerous clients on the 'Big Three ' lakes make their dreams a reality. If your vacation home happens to take you south of the border we offer many ways to purchase property and always put the best US based financing strategy in place.

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