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The U.S.-based National Association of Realtors reported Canadians had snatched up $19 billion US ($24.7 billion CAD) worth of U.S. homes in 2017, a trend that continued to accelerate into 2018. Yet, the process can be daunting, which is why we provide specialized mortgage lending services for Canadians buying in the United States through our long-standing relationship with US Mortgage lender partners. The majority of our clients focus on the Florida and Arizona vacation markets but we help Canadians buy across all 50 States.  

Helping Finance Cross Border

Have you ever dreamed of purchasing property in the US?

You're not alone.


Half a million Canadians own property in the sunshine state alone, enjoying time with friends and family away from the snow and cold.

Studies show, +65% of Canadian Snowbirds renews their mortgage without exploring other options.


The most common mistakes made by clients are the use of registered investment funds for the purchase of their U.S. property, which sadly, incurs more taxation than necessary. We are here to provide the awareness and education required to embark on cross border purchasing. As they say, “Knowledge is Power” and we serve our clients by providing them with the power to save on their purchase. 


Do not use your registered investments prior to calling us. We have a better solution.


The same mistakes are made when financing investment properties. We have helped countless clients think and finance differently.

What about taking your equity out in Canada and buying investment properties in the USA with higher cap rates earning US dollars? This isn’t a pipe dream; we can make it a reality!

3 Common Client Solutions

Re-finance in Canada, Cash Purchase in USD

This option keeps your currency exposure and monthly payments in Canadian dollars. Rates are typically lower in Canada than in the US. We can help you secure the best rates.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are a financial solution designed to help Canadian homeowners +55 years of age to retire safely and securely. Features from our main lending partners include:

  •     Access up to 55% of the value of your home

  •     Maintain ownership without having to move/sell

  •     No regular mortgage payments

  •     Receive your tax-free cash over time or all at once.

Secure US Financing

We access the down payment from your Canadian property when needed and the difference is financed south of the border through one of our trusted US Lenders.


At Donaldson Capital, our goal is to ensure you receive the lowest cost of financing to make your dreams of 'US home ownership' a reality. Lining up this service has required many years of experience & collaboration with government entities, US lending partners, currency traders, and understanding the ins and outs of current market and tax conditions. This investment of time and resources has enabled us to provide such a tailored approach for each individual client.  We are standing by to help guide you every step of the way!

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